About Us

North Star Racing Skis was started by Danny Johnson of Karlstad, MN in 1996 when he went to Wahl Bros in Greenbush and purchased a couple of pieces of aluminum extrusion they made their IFS Skis out of.  He cut and bent, welded and drilled until he had a set of new skis.  He put them on his 340 Twister and headed off to Strathcona. What a difference they made! After the races, he had a crowd around him asking where he got the skis. When they found out he fabricated them, he got his first order.

Danny sold the business to the Wahl Family in 2015.

Racing has been a Wahl family tradition for 40 years. Beginning in 1968, Durmont Wahl was an active part of Team Arctic factory racing. He served as a factory technician for some of the Arctic racing heroes including Dave Thompson, Larry Coltom, Bob Elsner and Jim Dimmerman. His brother Dave Wahl started racing in the upper Midwest circuits in the mid-70s. Dave was a dominant force in racing and surprised many a factory-sponsored team with his superior handling and performance race sleds.

In 1981, with the closing of the Arctic Cat factory and the break-up of Team Arctic, Durmont and Dave started Wahl Bros. Racing in Thief River Falls, MN. Later, in 1985, they made the move to Greenbush, MN and have since relocated to a larger facility on the west side of Greenbush.

Campaigning a single track Arctic Cat Sno-Pro snowmobile, Dave continued to win many major Sno-Pro races in both the U.S. and Canada. Switching to a Ski-Doo twin track in 1987, Durmont and Dave put together a team effort that enabled them to consistently finish near the top of the Formula 1 point standings. For the next 10 years Team Wahl became a major strength in oval racing. With the addition of Durmont’s son, Terry, to the team in 1993, Wahl Bros. Racing has qualified over twenty times for the Eagle River World Championship and brought home four World Championship Titles.

Since 1998 Wahl Bros. have been racing for Team Polaris. It has been an exciting change that has produced a World Championship Title in the Mod 500 class and most importantly, a promising future for oval racing.

Hard work, testing, technology and racing have been part of our success. Our online catalog is the latest and most complete listing of parts we have available for performance enthusiasts and racers. Whether private-backed or a sponsored driver, racing on ovals, sno-cross, drags or lake racing, we have the products that keep you ahead of the pack.

At Wahl Bros. Racing we provide…Performance Products for Performance People